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Henosys will be exhibitor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France

Henosys will be exhibitor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France

Henosys, the consulting company in the field of blockchain, will be an exhibitor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France (July 18). It will help the exhibition area attendees to understand the process of selling and buying cryptocurrency.

Henosys is a team of like-minded people united by the idea of blockchain, and teaches people how to use cryptocurrencies correctly.

How to attract investors through blockchain? How to make the first transaction without financial losses? Which cryptocurrency is better to buy and how to withdraw money? These and other questions will be answered by the company representatives.

In addition to Henosys, the exhibition area of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France will feature the cryptocurrency exchange Bitlish, the company owning the cryptocurrency platform ArtNoy, the smart developer of virtual crypto wallets and others. Strike up useful acquaintances!

Note that to celebrate the Bastille day, there is a special offer for buying tickets.


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