Blockchain for Enterprise: presentation by Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft RD

Blockchain for Enterprise: presentation by Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft RD

Blockchain is going to globally transform businesses. How do companies integrate distributed ledger technologies into their business processes? How safe is blockchain? These issues will be revealed by Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft RD & MVP, at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France.

Stefano will speak on the topic: Blockchain for Enterprise.

The speaker will introduce blockchain as a secured data structure for generating a distributed transactional digital ledger. It will allow enterprises to develop and deploy distributed apps and smart contracts.

Focusing on businesses, Stefano will analyze aspects of infrastructure design and applications for scaling, cyber security, on- and off-chain data access, as well as current challenges for integrating blockchain-based solutions into various sectors.

Presentation key points:

  • Current state of art and challenges of blockchain adoption in the enterprise space;
  • A few case studies of application of blockchain besides fintech: digital identity, proof of existence of documents, independently verifiable audit trail, supply chain;
  • Enterprise Smart Contracts and off-chain data exchange;
  • Cyber security in blockchain.

Tempesta is a digital strategist and technology ambassador of beautiful software. He is the head of CRMUG Switzerland and a regular speaker at international conferences. Stefano’s interests include Office & Dynamics 365 technologies, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

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