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 Results of Paris conference: let’s sum up Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France  

On July 18, Smile-Expo held Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France in the French capital. Event guests included leading blockchain specialists and a member of the National Assembly's Committee

Speakers and key topics of the event 

The conference involved top specialists from such corporations as IBM and Microsoft. They talked about the application of blockchain in various industries and shared the advantages of technology. 

View of the authorities 

One of the speakers was Jean Michel Mis, a member of French Parliament. He told the audience about the development opportunities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in France in the near future, as well as shared the state’s plans for digital assets regulation. 

During his presentation, the expert revealed the opinion of French MPs about technology. The Member of Parliament believes that, despite the potential risks of blockchain integration, France should pay attention to technology advantages. 

“The ambiguity of tax rules regarding cryptocurrencies is the main barrier to the cryptocurrency industry development in France. Therefore, the rethinking of taxation principles is a priority as of today,” the expert explains. 

Opinion of IBM expert

Another speaker was Blockchain Leader at IBM Cloud France – Marc Durand. He examined operational concepts of Hyperledger Fabric and shared primary benefits of applying this blockchain framework. Besides, the specialist analyzed the ways of integrating blockchain into the manufacturing industry and shared IBM methods of developing technology.  

Blockchain in businesses 

Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft Regional Director, revealed the advantages of applying technology in various sectors. Not only did he pay attention to the financial sector, but also discussed blockchain in healthcare, construction, and government sectors. 

Blockchain and GDPR

Thibault Verbiest, Partner at DS Avocats, also raised a relevant topic of complying with the GDPR rules. He stressed the challenges faced by companies when following the regulations as well as provided the solutions.    

He believes that data protection and blockchain’s GDPR support are able to solve potential conflicts.  

Exhibitors and sponsors

This time, 11 companies presented their ideas in the exhibition area. Attendees discovered concepts of Grapevine World, a platform aimed at improving the healthcare sector using blockchain. Its solutions allow patients to send their health data directly to doctors without publishing information on the web.   

Exhibitors also included such companies as BitlishGlobal Grid Plus Project, ArtNoy, INVESTOR'S GOLD, Henosys, Bixtrim, SmartCash, and SmartHab.

Hidone, a platform for the direct exchange of services and Conference Sponsor, introduced its solutions as well. Cointraffic was one more Sponsor of the event.  


The conference is organized by Smile-Expo, a company that has already conducted the series of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences in 25 countries.  

What comes next?

Smile-Expo is coming to the Swedish capital on September 11, bringing together blockchain experts in Kyiv on September 19, and returning to Geneva with Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland on October 9.     

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